Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The new issue of the University of Toronto Law Journal (66:4) is a focus feature issue about "Artificial intelligence, big data, and the future of law." The issue starts with an introduction by Profs. Benjamin Alarie, Anthony Niblett, and Albert H Yoon ("Law in the future"), followed by three articles, one co-authored by Prof. Niblett ("Self-driving laws"), the others authored by Prof. Alarie ("The path of the law: Towards legal singularity") and Prof. Yoon ("The post-modern lawyer: Technology and the democratization of legal representation").

"How will the big data and artificial intelligence revolution affect law? This is the question we explore in three articles in this Focus Feature. We hypothesize that the growth of big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning will have important effects that will fundamentally change the way law is made, learned, followed, and practised."

- Profs. Alarie, Niblett and Yoon

See the complete issue on the University of Toronto Press website.