Friday, September 17, 2010

A special issue of essays in honour of Prof. Michael Trebilcock has been published in the University of Toronto Law Journal ("Law, Economics and Public Policy: Essays in Honour of Michael Trebilcock",vol. 60:2, Spring 2010).

In celebration of Professor Trebilcock's career and his extraordinary contributions to legal scholarship and law reform, this special issue of the University of Toronto Law Journal is devoted to articles by leading scholars in each of the focal points of his work. The articles are based on papers presented at the symposium held in Professor Trebilcock's honour on October 1 and 2, 2009.  The issue is edited by Professors Anita Anand, Tony Duggan, Colleen Flood, and Ed Iacobucci.

The hallmark of Professor Michael Trebilcock's scholarship is his combination of rigorous economic analysis with a deep-seated humanitarianism and commitment to social justice. He has brought his unique blend of analytical skills to bear on a wide range of topics, including competition law and policy, immigration law, international trade law and law and development, and he has had a profound influence on generations of students and Canadian society at large.