Thursday, July 6, 2017
Daniel Del Gobbo and Sarah Mason-Case

Two SJD candidates at the Faculty of Law are among the 15 awardees of the prominent 2017 Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarships, considered among the most prestigious graduate prizes in the country for social sciences and humanities research, and given to exceptional doctoral students in Canada.

Daniel Del Gobbo and Sarah Mason-Case are now part of a “multidisciplinary network of more than 400 researchers, outstanding intellectuals, and seasoned decision-makers,” who are passionate about using their knowledge and skills to lead on important Canadian and global issues.

Del Gobbo is researching the role of alternative dispute resolution in addressing campus sexual violence in Canada. Mason-Case is examining how diverse communities of state and non-state actors, including civil advocates, Indigenous coalitions, and industry, engage in lawmaking practices that define the contours of international climate change law.

These doctoral scholarships are valued at $60,000 per three years of study to promote and support the candidates’ professional growth, provide travel, networking and conference opportunities to build on their field work, participate in research opportunities and foundation events.

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation was established in 2001 as a non-partisan charity to honour the former prime minister. Since 2003, it has awarded 217 scholarships for an investment of nearly $24 million in graduate studies, in four areas: human rights and dignity, responsible citizenship, Canada’s role in the world, and people and their natural environment.

Photos: Sylvain Légaré/PETF