Monday, May 13, 2024

Megan Pfiffer, SJD candidate at U of T Law, is set to be published in the forthcoming volume of the McGill Law Journal. Entitled "What's the Problem with Substantive Review?", Pfiffer's paper delves into the complex and often turbulent realm of substantive review. A pre-print version of the article can be viewed here.

In her work, Pfiffer argues that contrary to what many judges and academics have assumed, the theoretical foundations of the law of substantive review are neither clear nor stable, and that this is a significant contributor the instability in the law. She concludes that if we want stability in the law of substantive review, we need a stable and coherent theory of it. Such a theory is what her upcoming doctoral dissertation will articulate. 

Megan Pfiffer is a doctoral candidate at U of T Law with research interests in public law, and legal, political, and moral philosophy. She is also the managing editor of the University of Toronto Law Journal. Megan received her JD from Queen's University where she was awarded the Silver Medal in Law for achieving the second highest academic standing in her graduating class, as well as the Dean's Key Award for best embodying the signature values of Queen's Law. She then articled at a leading Toronto litigation boutique and clerked for The Hon. Rosalie Silberman Abella (BA 1967 UC, LLB 1970, Hon. LLD 1990) at the Supreme Court of Canada. Prior to joining the Faculty of Law, Megan completed the BCL at the University of Oxford with distinction.