Tuesday, March 10, 2015
See Yourself Here 2015

By Lucianna Ciccocioppo

More than 200 students from 25 high schools across the GTA visited the law school March 6 for the annual See Yourself Here open house, a one-day event to demystify the law school application process and JD degree requirements, and talk about the various careers in law.

“I wasn’t aware of the process to get to law school. I learned you can study anything you want in undergrad,” said Elaine Chow, a Gr. 11 student from Unionville High School, who wants to study criminal law. “I thought all of the panels were great.”

The fun event welcomes students from diverse backgrounds to encourage them to think about careers in law.  Alumni, staff and current law students participate in various panel discussions to answer questions about the myriad paths to law school—and the numerous paths after graduation.

“I found it very informative and the speakers were really interesting,” said Anthony Tran, a Gr. 12 student from Delphi Secondary Alternative School in Scarborough. “I liked hearing about their past experience and how they got here.” Tran said he now has a better idea of how to apply to law school, and how to prepare for it.

See Yourself Here 2015

Once again the mock trial, run by the Law in Action Within Schools program, was a hit.

“The mock trial really got me going; I was so excited,” said Chow. “I‘m pretty sure I’m going to apply to law school.”

For Sumbal Asis, a Gr. 11 student at Senator O’Connor College School, “The mock trial was a big thing. I learned about how courts deal with cases, and I learned about tuition and the process of law school.”

One of the youngest to attend was 14-year-old Latchmie Geer, from Greenwood Secondary School.  “The best part of the day was when I pretended to be the judge.” She said she wanted to attend the open house to learn about lawyers.

Geer said she’s excelling in math and science at her high school, but may be interested in pursuing law eventually, now that she has a better idea of what they do.

“I thought lawyers would have to read thousands of books every night, but it’s not like that…Not every night.”

See Yourself Here 2015

See Yourself Here is generously supported by TD Bank, Blakes, BLG and LSAC.

Photos by Sara-Marni Hubbard

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