Wednesday, September 14, 2016
2016 Clubs Fair in Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt Atrium

By Alvin Yau, 2L

For many students, law school is an exciting time in terms of exploring what is available within the legal profession. Some students are passionate about a particular area of legal practice and wish to pursue it further; on the other hand, many students have no idea where their interests may take them within the legal world and beyond. For these students and everyone else in between, the annual law school Clubs Fair was a prime opportunity to explore the exciting work that goes on beyond the academic realm.

2016 Clubs Fair - Tax Law Society

On September 13, students from across all years at the Faculty of Law checked out the wide variety of extracurricular activities in this year’s Clubs Fair. With well over two dozen clubs represented, there were ample opportunities for students to participate in areas like law journals, engaging in clinical legal advocacy, sitting in on discussion panels with specialized practice area clubs, or simply having fun with a bunch of other law students. Davina Shivratan, 1L, attended Club Fair for her first time and mentioned how “it was great to see that there are so many unique and engaging ways to get involved at the law school, outside of academics.”

2016 Clubs Fair - Asian Law Society

Matthew Cressati, 2L, tabled for the Litigation Association and had this sound piece of advice for prospective student members. “This event is a great opportunity to meet some of the other students”, he added. “So many law students can’t decide between litigation and solicitor work, and furthermore, don’t know how to decide. We try to create opportunities on campus and in the community for law students to learn about what a career in litigation really entails.” The Litigation Association was just one of the many clubs that focused on a specialized legal area, but there were many other clubs representing different extracurricular activities. Students were welcome to sign up with these clubs as new or returning members.   

2016 Clubs Fair

2016 Clubs Fair

The hundreds of students who explored these club offerings had no shortage of choices. Whether that meant working as a caseworker with the Advocates for Injured Workers, engaging in community outreach with Law in Action Within Schools (LAWS), or conducting research for the David Asper Centre for Constitutional Rights, there seemed to be something for any student’s interests. Beyond the solely legal realm, intramural sports were also represented alongside artistic pursuits, such as singing in a choir (the Supreme Chords) or performing in theatre (Law Follies).

2016 Clubs Fair - LAWS


This year’s Club Fair was extra special since it took place in the newly opened Jackman Law Building at the spacious Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP Atrium. “I liked how everything was close together in a convenient location”, said Marco Wai, 1L. Indeed, this first Clubs Fair made it far more accessible for students who wanted to see what was available in terms of extracurricular activities. Previously, the fair took place at the Great Hall inside historic Hart House on the main campus. With the Jackman Law Building now open for the Faculty of Law community, this successful Clubs Fair signified a new chapter for extracurricular student activities. A more detailed list of club offerings is available on the Student Clubs and Events page

2016 Clubs Fair