Friday, April 22, 2016
Jutta Brunnée and Stephen Scharper

In the Spring 2016 issue of Edge, the University of Toronto's research magazine, Prof. Jutta Brunnée is featured for her work on how to stop global climate change.

Prof. Brunnée discusses how the fight against climate change requires more than just government action. “There is a lot happening outside of treaties,” she says. “For instance, certification programs create international standards that are not international law in the conventional sense at all. It’s not that nobody makes environmental treaty law any more, but you now have a greater diversity of ways to implement and complement treaties. The buzzword is ‘non-state actor’.”

The article also features Prof. Stephen Scharper, associate professor of environmental studies at U of T Mississauga.

Read the article about Prof. Brunnée on the Edge website.

The issue, themed as "The Canada Issue,", also highlights Prof. Kent Roach's work on fighting the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2014, commonly known as Bill C-51. Prof. Roach and his collaborator, Prof. Craig Forcese of the University of Ottawa, wanted their work to reach a wide audience. “We knew that the bill was going to be debated" says Prof. Roach. "We knew that people from civil society were going to have to testify about it, and all they had was the government’s one-sided explanation of the bill.”

Read the article about Prof. Kent Roach on the Edge website.