Thursday, September 10, 2015

Our newest law students hit the books last month in the Legal Methods Intensive course, and now are settling into their first semester at the Faculty of Law. We have 210 first years calling this place their academic home for the next three years, or more for the combined programs, and we’d like you to get to know a few. Like all our students, the first years come with amazing stories. Here are five profiles we'd like to share with you:

Niveda Anandan

Niveda Anandan: A love of literature, a love of law

Niveda Anandan is taking her interest in literature and law straight into the combined JD/MA (English) program, seeing a distinct fluidity between the two subjects.

Justin Khorana-Medeiros

Justin Khorana-Medeiros: Political aspirations and a legal path

Justin Khorana-Medeiros brings international experience and a passion for politics to his new adventure as a law student.

Shari Nathan

Shari Nathan: Following her mother's inspiration

As 21-year-old Shari Nathan prepares to begin her law degree this fall, she’ll be able to call on the best mentor available—her mother.

Bethanie Pascutto

Bethanie Pascutto: Tenacity and determination land her at law school

Five years into a finance career, Bethanie Pascutto was doing well at a high-ranking position at TD Bank. Still, something just didn't feel quite right.

Joseph Viscomi

Joseph Viscomi: Inspired by LAWS

Joseph Viscomi was a Grade 9 student at Central Technical School in Toronto when he first heard a pitch about U of T law school.