Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Yasmin Dawood

Faculty of Law and Department of Political Science Associate Professor Yasmin Dawood has been renewed as Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Democracy, Constitutionalism, and Electoral Law (Tier 2).

In total, 27 (12 new and 15 renewed) CRCs were announced for the University of Toronto. 

Professor Dawood specializes in election law, comparative constitutional law, and democratic theory. Her scholarship, which is broadly concerned with improving electoral fairness and democratic governance, has addressed such topics as the right to vote, money in politics, redistricting, constitutional design, political dysfunction, partisanship, corruption, and the oversight of the democratic process by the courts. Her work has been published in leading journals, including the Georgetown Law JournalNYU Law Review OnlineAmerican Review of Political ScienceElection Law Journal, ICON International Journal of Constitutional Law, Boston University Law Review, Duke Journal of Constitutional Law & Public Policy, University of Toronto Law Journal, McGill Law Journal, Osgoode Hall Law Journal, Supreme Court Law Review, and the Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudenceamong others. 

Professor Dawood has testified as an election law expert before the Parliamentary House committee examining The Fair Elections Act Bill C-23, and before the Special Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reform. She has been interviewed on election law issues by various media, including The New York Times, CBC News Network, CBC Radio, The Globe and MailNational Post, CTV News, The Agenda, Power & Politics, Metro Morning, Toronto Star and The Huffington Post, among others. 

Congratulations to Professor Dawood! 

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