Monday, February 28, 2022


Faculty of Law Professor Benjamin Alarie, Osler Chair in Business Law, has been named one of 50 ‘Changemakers’ impacting how Canada does business by The Globe and Mail.

Alarie is a co-founder of Blue J Legal with Professors Anthony Niblett and Albert Yoon. According to its website, Blue J is “a software platform that combines the power of machine learning and AI with expert understanding of legal factors” and “predicts legal outcomes in challenging areas of tax and employment law”.

“With the understanding that computing power will continue to grow exponentially, I was awestruck by the potential of machine learning and AI algorithms for law,” Alarie told The Globe and Mail. “Our algorithms help lawyers make decisions about when and how to proceed, and over time, there will be fewer slam-dunk cases clogging up the courts.”

'Changemakers' were chosen through a call for nominations from the business community and The Globe and Mail. From the hundreds of nominations received, the shortlist of 50 entrepreneurs, academics and executives were chosen for “their ideas, accomplishments and impact”.

Read Professor Alarie’s 'Changemakers' interview in The Globe and Mail