Monday, March 2, 2015

Prof. Kent Roach and University of Ottawa law professor Craig Forcese are engaging in an experiment in legal scholarship done in “real time” in a highly politicized environment, in which fundamental decisions about the shape of law are being made.

They are undertaking an ongoing analysis of Bill C-51, the government’s controversial anti-terror law proposal, which began immediately after the bill was proposed and is proceeding as the bill works its way through Parliament.

Their in-depth analysis can be found on their website, The site makes available the drafts of the chapters of the book they will be publishing on this issue, with the goal of getting feedback from legal scholars and creating a response to the bill that is "crowdsourced" from Canada's legal community.

In addition to this in-depth analysis, they have published a series of commentaries in the national media focusing on specific aspects of the proposed law.

An overview of their work can be found in their artice in The Walrus magazine, "Bill C-51: the Good, the Bad . . . and the Truly Ugly," (February 13, 2015).

They have also published the following commentaries in newspapers (links go to the version on this website unless otherwise noted):

See also other features about their work (links go to source website):