Monday, April 18, 2016

Prof. Jennifer NedelskyProf. Jennifer Nedelsky has been awarded a Jackman Humanities Institute Research Fellowship from the U of T’s Jackman Humanities Institute. The Fellowship and the Institute are named after former university chancellor and law alumnus Hal Jackman, LLB 1954.

These research fellowships are granted to tenured U of T faculty, based on the prominence of their scholarship, to further a project based on the institute’s annual theme.

For 2016-17, the theme is “Time, Rhythm, and Pace.” Nedelsky will focus on her project “(Part) Time for All: Generating New Norms of Work and Care,” which will culminate in a book.

Nedelsky argues new and innovative alternatives are required today in balancing work and care, and that reimagining these concepts is necessary for “equality, democracy and the quality of people’s lives.”

The fellows are part of the distinct Circle of Fellows, a group made up of scholars ranging from undergraduates to faculty.  They receive a 12-month residency and an office in the Jackman Humanities Institute. Fellows take an active role in the life of the institute, assist in selecting postdoctoral and graduate fellows, and supervise one or two undergraduate fellows’ research projects. Upon completion of the fellowship, the faculty will teach a new course in their home division based on their research work at the Institute.