Thursday, October 3, 2019

A feature article in U of T Magazine profiles Prof. Audrey Macklin's research on Canada's groundbreaking private refugee sponsorship program ("The Power of Good Intentions: Canada’s program of private refugee sponsorship has been held up as a model for the world. Could it be even better?", October 2, 2019).

When she was named a 2017 Trudeau Fellow, Macklin’s research question was: How does the process of helping refugees become citizens transform the citizenship of sponsors?

“I want to know more about who sponsors are, why they sponsor, what is distinctive about private sponsorship and how the program affects sponsors,” says Macklin, who herself belonged to a group. “The policy reason for this inquiry is simple: if we think private refugee sponsorship is a good idea, then it matters not only that it confers benefits on refugees. It has to be perceived as good by and for the sponsors who do it, or they will not do it, do it again or promote it to others.”

Read the full article on the U of T Magazine website.