Monday, May 6, 2019

In early April 2019, Prof. Arthur Ripstein delivered the Tanner Lectures on Human Values at UC Berkeley. Prof. Ripstein delivered two lectures, "Rules for Wrongdoers" and "Combatants and Civilians," followed by a seminar and discussion with three of the world's leading thinkers on these issues (Christopher Kutz, Berkeley; Oona A. Hathaway, Yale; and Jeff McMahan, Oxford).

In his lectures, Prof. Ripstein argued that the very thing that makes war wrongful – the fact that which side prevails does not depend on who is in the right – also provides the moral standard for evaluating the conduct of war, both the grounds for going to war and the ways in which wars are fought.

Presented annually at each of nine universities, the Tanner Lectures advance and reflect upon the scholarly and scientific understanding of issues related to human values.