Friday, February 18, 2022

Legal issues of the convoy panel

On February 16, the Faculty of Law hosted a snap panel about the convoy and Canada's legal institutions: "How Freedom Rules and the Rules of Freedom: Convoys and Legal Institutions".

A recap of the event is featured in The Lawyer's Daily, Feb. 17, with quotes from Professors Richard Stacey, Larissa Katz, Gillian Hadfield and Kent Roach

The complete line-up of speakers included: 

Introductory comments by
Dean and University Professor Jutta Brunnée, James Marshall Tory Dean’s Chair

Associate Professor Chris Essert 
Private nuisance

Professor Gillian Hadfield
Schwartz Reisman Chair in Technology and Society and Director, SRI Toronto
Platform rules

Professor Larissa Katz
Canada Research Chair in Private Law Theory
Forfeiture and property

Associate Professor Anthony Niblett
Canada Research Chair in Law, Economics, & Innovation
Social media misinformation

University Professor Arthur Ripstein, Howard Beck, Q.C. Chair
Public nuisance

Professor Kent Roach

Professor David Schneiderman
Constitutional discourse

Associate Professor Richard Stacey
Emergency powers and the rule of law

Read more about the event at The Lawyer's Daily