Friday, January 12, 2018
order of canada medal and ribbons

The Faculty of Law congratulates its alumni and friends named to the Order of Canada: The Hon. Louis LeBel, LLM 1966, Jocelyn Downie, LLB 1993, and the Hon. Thomas Cromwell, who contributed his time and expertise in law school activities.

Louis LeBel, a former Supreme Court justice, has been named a Companion, the highest of the Order's three levels. He served on Canada's highest court for 14 years.

Jocelyn Downie is currently a law professor at Dalhousie University, and has been recognized as a Member for her contributions to Canadian health law and policy, particularly challenging issues on end of life law and policy such as voluntary euthanasia, assisted suicide, terminal sedation and the withholding of potentially life-sustaining treatments.

Jurist Thomas Cromwell, who also served on the Supreme Court of Canada, has been named a Companion. He judged Faculty of Law moots and was guest speaker at the law school. He also taught at Dalhousie University, and acted as executive legal officer to former Chief Justice Antonio Lamer.

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