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The Spring/Summer 2018 issue of Nexus features "G-Force: In the Global Professional LLM, learning occurs on both sides of the podium"

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Dean Edward Iacobucci

Dean's Message

By Dean Edward Iacobucci

Excellence is our strength, enthusiasm our energy

Letter to the Editor


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Re: 1L Class Profile, Fall/Winter 2017

By L. Murray Eades, class of 1957



Consumer and Commercial Law Workshop

Reboot: Challenges and Opportunities in Corporate and Commercial Law

By Alvin Yau, JD 2018

The Faculty of Law was pleased to revive the Consumer and Commercial Law Workshop in April 2018.

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The Path Forward

By Melanie Lefebvre

The Indigenous Initiatives Office celebrates seven years--and looks seven generations beyond

Illustration for G-Force


In the GPLLM, learning occurs on both sides of the podium

By Karen Gross

Campaign for Excellence without Barriers - The momentum keeps building

Mark Wiseman and Marcia Moffat

Marcia Moffat and Mark Wiseman

By Lucianna Ciccocioppo

Donald Crawshaw

Donald Crawshaw

By Karen Gross

Lisa Talbot

Lisa Talbot

By Karen Gross

Roslyn Tsao

Roslyn Tsao

By Karen Gross

Richard Shaw

Richard Shaw

By Karen Gross

Anne-Marie Sorrenti

Anne-Marie Sorrenti

By Karen Gross

Students chatting in Jackman Law Building

Campaign for Excellence without Barriers: donors to date

Thank you to all of our generous donors who have given to the Campaign for Excellence without Barriers!

Nota Bene


Alécia Chen and Kat Park

Ambassadors in the Big Apple

By Lucianna Ciccoicoppo

New York City-based Alécia Chen and Kat Park are volunteering their time, and using some Maple Leaf moxie, to connect Faculty of Law graduates.



Libyian woman holding flag

The Stories We Share

By Samer Muscati

Reflections on photographing women’s rights abuses in conflict

Q & A


Michael Emory, JD 1982

Michael Emory, JD 1982

Allied REIT’s founder and CEO loves to talk--about technology, strategy and so much more, in this conversation with Nexus editor, Lucianna Ciccocioppo.