Sarah Armstrong '04 and Andrew Alleyne '02Photography by Gordon Hawkins

From the Spring/Summer 2014 issue of Nexus

For many alumni, their time at law school was an important and formative part of their lives, dingy lockers and airless classrooms notwithstanding. So it’s not surprising to hear excitement about the renewal project during the construction tours now being given inside the rising Jackman Law Building.

“When I first walked through, I was reminded of the incredible location for the new building,” says Sarah Armstrong, LLB 2002. “I had seen the plans but touring the project site gave me a great sense of how the Jackman Law Building complements the amazing green space that surrounds it, with Philosopher’s Walk on one side and Queen’s Park on the other.” 

Colleague Andrew Alleyne, LLB 2002, says he was “impressed by the ambitious nature of the project ahead.” 

“I thought about how challenging it will be for the builders to work in those tight spaces,” says Alleyne. “I was also transported back to my first day at the law school. It looks like the school will retain that mixture of charm and imposing presence that I felt when using Philosopher’s Walk.”  

With more than 75 U of T law alumni in the Fasken Martineau offices, the Faculty of Law plays an important role among partners and associates, says Armstrong. The firm enjoys a longstanding relationship with the law school including its generous gift to the Downtown Legal Services clinic, and now continuing with support for the physical space transformation.

Says Alleyne: “Our alumni reunion helped us reconnect with our classmates. It brought us back to the law school, and brought home the argument for a renewed physical space. We wanted to give back to the students we hope will be the future lifeblood of firms such as Faskens.”