Gar Emerson, LLB 1966Gar Emerson, LLB 1966, was pleased to hear the Faculty of Law’s transitional space during the building construction will be at the lovely Victoria University, right across the street from the law school. He spent his undergraduate years there, but his history classes and seminars were held at Flavelle House. Little did he know that down the road both these schools at Canada’s largest university could count on this alumnus for support.

“I chaired the campaign for Victoria University from 1996 – 2001, under then-President Rob Prichard, and I was deeply involved in that campaign. And now I’m happy to support the Faculty of Law’s campaign. I’m very closely connected to this area of campus.”

Emerson recalls his flourishing law practice at Davies Ward & Beck, and how quickly the world was changing. “I had been practicing for more than 15 years, but we recognized back then that we were not competing with the firms across the street from us, but with international lawyers in New York and London, looking to provide their services in Toronto.”

That’s why he’s clear on the critical importance of having the best available technology and resources available to continue to compete on this level. “It’s paramount to have the research tools, faculty and facilities to allow one to obtain the best legal education possible. This is the ‘new ball game.’”