Betty Mayfoon Ho, LLB 1977This donor profile is from the Spring/Summer 2012 issue of Nexus.

It is difficult to capture in words the respect, love and admiration that so many people in the various facets of her life had for the late Prof. Betty Mayfoon Ho, LLB 1977.

Featured as one of the Faculty of Law’s “Trailblazers,” which honoured the accomplished women who graduated in the early years of women entering the profession, Ho’s untimely death in 2010 cut short her mission to be a part of the future of China.

“Betty saw her task as one of educating the next generation of legal scholars who would establish the foundations of a legal framework in China,” says her niece, Angela Ho. “She gave up more lucrative opportunities and left the familiar surroundings of Hong Kong and North America because she believed in her work.”

Her passions were evident, her classes engaging. “I am not surprised at all that Betty was admired and beloved by her students,” says Ho, an assistant professor at George Mason University. “Aunt Betty took her research and writing very seriously, but she was truly devoted to teaching.  She spoke with pride about her students’ achievements.  We used to discuss teaching strategies, and her top priority was always to help students develop critical thinking and writing skills.  As a new teacher, I learned a lot from her.”

In the eulogy in Hong Kong, her good friend Dr. Bonnie Tang said “Betty and I were among the first generation of Chinese women who are truly free to aspire and achieve.  Betty capitalized on this opportunity fully and her achievements were colossal…Through her personal virtues and integrity, teachings and writings, she has assured that her influence would be much more far-reaching than any wealth, power or fame could ever have brought.” 

It’s no surprise then that her legacy includes generous support of her alma mater’s new building campaign. And so on this side of the world, the beloved Prof. Ho will forever be a part of this institution’s future, its students and its potential.

By Karen Gross and Lucianna Ciccocioppo / Photo by Taffi Rosen