By Karen Gross / Photography by Jeff Kirk

From the Fall/Winter 2018 issue of Nexus

Sana Halwani, JD 2004To keep up with Sana Halwani, JD 2004, you’d probably need an extra dose of B vitamins and a rocket pack strapped to your back. A patent lawyer, partner at Lenczner Slaght, mother to two young children and tireless volunteer at U of T, Halwani simply laughs when asked where she finds the time for it all. “There are weeks when I feel like everything’s ok and weeks when I feel like it’s all very hard, but I love it and would never be willing to not do that stuff,” she says.

By “that stuff,” Halwani means the many roles she fills outside of her job at a very busy legal practice. She teaches trial advocacy at the law school. She’s the Faculty of Law’s representative on the College of Electors. She sits on the university’s Academic Tribunal, and is secretary of the board of the university-wide alumni association. Why does she take it all on? “I had a wonderful experience at the law school. I came from a science background so it was a bit of a shock to the system, but I just loved it,” she says. “So when I was presented with these volunteer opportunities, it was an easy ‘yes’ for me.”

Giving financially was an easy “yes” as well, Halwani says of her donation to the Campaign for Excellence without Barriers and prior gifts to the Annual Fund. “I was very lucky to not have needed loans or financial aid when I went through,” she says.  “I do worry that there may be fantastic students that we’re losing because of the financial barriers they might face. I love the drive to remove these obstacles. U of T is the best law school in the country. We should be able to attract the best students.”