By Karen Gross / Photography by Jeff Kirk

From the Fall/Winter 2018 issue of Nexus

Gordon Raman, LLB/MBA 1996The world looks a lot different than it did when Gordon Raman, LLB/MBA 1996, graduated more than two decades ago. “When I went to law school, I think the path that people followed was much more traditional,” he says.  “For the most part, people went to work in government or private practice. But I think the opportunities for lawyers that come out of school now are more expansive.” And a lot more challenging, with technology advancing at such a rapid pace that the legal profession can hardly keep up. “I find it all fascinating, the way the law school has been evolving and the challenges it faces as the world changes around it.”

It’s one reason Raman, now a partner at Faskens since January 2019, is supporting the Campaign for Excellence without Barriers, with a gift. “To ensure the law school prepares its graduates to react to all these new developments is one of the big challenges,” he says. The other is attracting the most talented and diverse applicants in an era where new and exciting opportunities abound. “If you’re a truly talented 20-something, you can go off and start your own company. You can be a YouTube millionaire,” he says. “Continuing to draw those students is going to be an interesting challenge for the school.”

And an urgent one, according to Raman, who also gives of his time by serving on the Law Alumni Association Council. “I think if everybody stepped back and looked at what the purpose of a legal education is, it’s really about understanding the nuts and bolts of how we as humans interact in a civil society. The more talented people you have understanding that, the better our society will continue to grow to be.”