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The Fall/Winter 2013  issue features "Crusade against cyberbullying": How to stand up to a 21st-century problem when society has yet to catch up

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David Adam '68

Hundreds of Chileans, one coup d’état, and a Canadian envoy who helped plan an escape

By Olivia Stren

Forty years later, David Adam, LLB 1968, recounts his story

Asper Centre’s fifth anniversary symposium illustration

Asper Centre’s fifth anniversary symposium examines its impact and charts its future

By Vito Cupoli


Donald Crawshaw '82

First we take Manhattanthen we take Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver

By Alec Scott


Movie magician illustration

Movie Magician

By Chris Graham

Martin Katz, LLB 1984, cut deals across continents to finance Hotel Rwanda. But that was the easy part.


Crusade against cyberbullying - illustration

Crusade against cyberbullying

By Karen Gross

How to stand up to a 21st-century problem when society has yet to catch up


Jonathan and Matthew Cohen ('00 and '99)

Family ties: Why the Cohen twins chose social justice not science

By Alec Scott

To the rescue: (front from left) Roslyn Tsao, Richard Green, Nikki Gershbain and Phil Epstein. Back: Margueretta Hanna

Operation Court Rescue

By Randi Chapnik Myers

The campaign to save the Family Law Project

Nota Bene


Monica Goyal '08

Lawyer engineers a better law firm—online

By Lucianna Ciccocioppo




Breaking Down The Two Solitudes of Theory and Practice - illustration

Breaking down the two solitudes of theory and practice

By Kent Roach, Prichard Wilson Chair in Law and Public Policy

Q & A


Kate Hilton '99

Q & A with Kate Hilton, JD 1999, Assistant Dean of Advancement, Faculty of Law

By Lucianna Ciccocioppo

On fundraising, fiction and saying farewell to the law school