GPLLM graduate: Fateh Salim

From the Fall-Winter 2012 issue of Nexus.

By Randi Chapnik Myers / Photography By Jeffery Kirk

Fateh Salim, a civil litigator with the Ministry of the Attorney General in Toronto, heard about the GPLLM program from a law professor friend. Just a couple of years back, Salim had been employed at a private sector firm in North Africa and he was keen to incorporate international law into his practice.

“There is a deficit when it comes to government lawyers’ understanding of cross-border issues and globalization, which are among the most important issues of today,” Salim says.

His employer, who supported his decision to return to school, also appreciated the program’s value. “When I told them about my plans, they were forward-thinking,” he recalls. “They recognized the importance of the skill set not just for my practice but for its availability in government in general.”

It was clear that acquiring such specialized knowledge would really benefit his clients, Salim says. Plus, the program offered an intensive international arbitration course that appealed to him. “I practice both litigation and alternative dispute resolution, so I knew I would be using those skills right away,” he says.

While most law courses Salim had taken in the past were purely academic, this one offered something unique. It was a complete meld of law and business taught by real professionals. “I was impressed by the variety of the law faculty—professors from within the U of T community and exceptional practitioners from firms—and their experience in both business and international law,” he says.

Even the makeup of the student body, lawyers and non-lawyers, reflected that law-business mix. There were students from government, private firms, in-house counsel, and business people with experience in the corporate world.

The exposure to so much experience has made Salim feel more confident when advising clients within and outside government on matters related to globalization. The future looks bright, he says.

“These credentials open up many opportunities for me. Whether I progress to different areas of government or choose to work at an international or multinational organization or corporation, the GPLLM will be attractive to employers. It’s unique, relevant and timely in today’s age, given the internationalization of issues and harmonization of laws.”

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