This donor profile is from the Fall-Winter 2012 issue of Nexus.

By Karen Gross and Lucianna Ciccocioppo / photography by Nigel Dickson

Many alumni remember all too well the conditions “in the bowels of Flavelle,” says Mitch Wolfe, Class of 1977 fundraising chair, “with no natural light, little food and water and terrible coffee from a broken vending machine. We survived on lex, hugs and rock and roll, and a lot of pinball. So we appreciate the need to raise funds for new and expanded space for the students and faculty.”

The Class of 1977 has gone one step further and dedicated a plaque honouring deceased classmates which will be in hung in the Betty Ho room of the new building. The late Prof. Ho was a well-loved teacher and remarkable scholar, and most importantly, a fellow classmate and friend, says Linda Gehrke, Class of 1977 campaign co-chair. “The plaque is a fitting reflection of the accomplishments and diversity of our year. There was a lot happening in the broader political and social context at the time, and we were a microcosm of the community.”

Wolfe and Gehrke both have fond memories of their law school days. “As I approach the end of my career,” says Gehrke, “I appreciate more and more the value of the education I received, and I want to help build something that will help the future development of law.”

Adds Wolfe: “So we are all ready to do a little ‘fun-raising’ and have a good time.”

Linda Gehrke and Mitch WolfeLinda Gehrke and Mitch Wolfe