This donor profile is from the Fall/Winter 2011 issue of Nexus.

Linda Rothstein, LLB 1980Linda Rothstein, LLB 1980, remembers very well what it was like to study in Flavelle House when she was a law student.  “It was no fun to be in a basement without any light. Even then, the facilities were completely substandard. It really wasn’t very pleasant.”

When her firm Paliare Roland heard about the new building plans, it didn’t think twice about supporting the Faculty of Law with a donation. “We have very long term ties to the law school, and the University of Toronto, our client for more than 20 years.” But the relationship goes much deep than this, adds Rothstein. “We have long deep ties with faculty and many alumni. Many of our firm lawyers teach at the law school, so the Faculty of Law holds a special position for us. We really believe in giving to our local community, and we see U of T as part of our community.”

And since other Canadian law schools have recently undergone upgrades, she’s pleased to see “it’s finally U of T’s turn.”

Says Rothstein: “This new building is going to be fantastic, with such a superb location on the university campus, and a more inviting entrance for the larger community.  As a forum for discussions, the law school definitely has a role to play. It’s an exciting time.”