John West of Norton Rose LLPThis donor profile is from the Fall/Winter 2011 issue of Nexus.

When the Faculty of Law came calling, Norton Rose LLP was only too happy to help.

“The Faculty of Law is an important part of the legal community in Toronto, not just as a centre for legal and scholarly thought and discussion, but also as the fondly-remembered alma mater for so many of our partners and associates,” says the firm’s managing partner, John West. “It behooves Norton Rose to be part of this exciting expansion plan.”

Michelle Gage, national director of legal talent at the firm, agrees. "From my perspective, it's really important to give back to the community from which you draw so much," says Gage, who scouts the country for top legal talent from various law schools. "It was a pretty easy pitch for me to make."

Based in Toronto, Norton Rose works with U of T in a variety of ways and many of its young associates and more seasoned veterans are graduates of the law school.

Looking beyond the university's immediate boundaries, Faculty of Law graduates take their education and knowledge in a host of different directions, adds Gage, all of which will ultimately enrich and improve the lives of Canadians "be it government or public policy, poverty law, criminal law or family law."

By supporting the building campaign with a generous gift, Norton Rose is helping to give back so much more, says Gage.  "It’s a contribution to the future of the country."