This donor profile is from the Fall/Winter 2011 issue of Nexus.

As the saying goes, “Ask, and you shall receive.” So when Dean Mayo Moran, SJD 1999, asked for support for the building campaign, Lerners LLP said “Yes.”

“It was an easy call to make. We want to support the continued growth and prosperity of the Faculty of Law,” says managing partner Brian Grant, LLB 1992.

He remembers all too well living through the Bora Laskin Library renovations, but speaks enthusiastically about the impact. “It made such a difference for the learning environment, not only because of increased  air and light, but in terms of collegiality for the students, and opportunities to meet at the law school to work on things, as opposed to going to another space on campus. So making enough space—and making better space—actually encourages the learning experience.”

So too do more opportunities for conferences, symposia and workshops. “These all add value to the whole JD experience as well,” says Grant.

Brian Grant, LLB 1992 with Anne Spafford, LLM 2000Brian Grant, LLB 1992
Anne Spafford, LLM 2000