Clifford Lax, LLB 1968This donor profile is from the Fall/Winter 2011 issue of Nexus.

Here's what Clifford Lax, LLB 1968, recalls about his years at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. "The closeness of the class," he says. "The accessibility of the faculty."

One faculty member, in particular, Lax remembers for his unique approach to learning Canada's other official language. Prof. Albert Abel would host weekly lunches at Hart House, where those at his table were only allowed to speak French.

"His French was terrible," Lax chuckles. "He was an American, born in Iowa. But he wanted to practice, and the rules of the table were, you had to speak it."

Memories like that one, along with many enduring friendships and professional relationships, have given Lax a lifelong connection to the law school. A founding partner at the Toronto firm Lax O'Sullivan Scott Lisus LLP, he and his colleagues have been consistent supporters, financially and otherwise. Some of the firm's lawyers teach at the school, and several partners and associates are alumni. Lax's wife, Ontario Superior Court Justice Joan Lax, is a former assistant dean and director of admissions. So when the current capital campaign was launched, the firm was happy to help. 

Architecturally, Lax says, the new building is lovely, and will add to Toronto's beauty. But more important is the effect it will have the students and faculty.  "The school is clearly in need of new facilities," he says. "It's outgrown them. There are new technological demands. I believe this building will help the Faculty of Law maintain its reputation as one of the top law schools in North America."