Nexus Spring/Summer 2005 The Spring/Summer 2005 issue focused on the theme of "Law and Philosophy." 

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Articles from the Spring/Summer 2005 Issue Available on the Web site

Focus: Law and Philosophy

Immanuel Kant

The Evolution of Law and Philosophy at U of T Law school
Brad Faught

Prof. Arthur RipsteinTheoretically Speaking ...
Prof. Arthur Ripstein
Prof. Ernest WeinribPurpose in Private
Prof. Ernest Weinrib
Prof. Bruce ChapmanReasons and Outcomes
Prof. Bruce Chapman
Prof. Peter BensonWhat Holmes Can Teach Us About Economic Loss
Prof. Peter Benson
Prof. Alan BrudnerCriminal Culpability as Distinct from Moral Blameworthiness
Prof. Alan Brudner
Prof. Denise RéaumeLanguage Rights: Theoretical Challenges
Prof. Denise Réaume
Prof. Hamish StewartReconciling Competing Approaches to Legal Theory
Prof. Hamish Stewart
Prof. Catherine ValckeThe "Common Will" of Offer and Acceptance
Prof. Catherine Valcke
Prof. Sophia Reibetanz MoreauWhat Makes Unequal Treatment Wrong? Can Philosophy Help Us Decide?
Prof. Sophia Reibetanz Moreau
Prof. Jennifer NedelskyRelational Autonomy, Relational Rights: Alternatives to Core Legal Concepts
Prof. Jennifer Nedelsky
Prof. Abraham DrassinowerFair Dealing - Getting Copy Right
Prof. Abraham Drassinower

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