The Decade Dozen

If you haven't heard of these people, you soon will.

The Decade Dozen

From the Fall/Winter 2010 issue of Nexus.

Six months ago, as we watched a new class of smart, ambitious students graduate from the Faculty of Law, the Nexus editorial team started thinking about the future.  How would these freshly minted alumni make their mark in the world? Who would we be featuring in Nexus in the next 10 years or so?

Turning the spotlight away from the newest grads, we decided to find out where the nascent superstar alumni are today (10-20 years post-graduation), those with distinctly promising careers who are set to shape and influence their professions this decade.

Our goal was to identify these young, talented alumni toiling quietly but confidently in their varied fields. We asked you for your input, and we sought your nominations for this notable group, which we named the Decade Dozen - the Top 12 inspiring and intriguing alumni to watch over the next 10 years.

You did not disappoint. As your nominations came in, Nexus realized it had some tough decisions to make. At long last, after months of planning, researching, writing and photographing, we present to you the Decade Dozen.

Sachin Aggarwal, JD/MBA 2004
"Strategist with a smile"
Sachin Aggarwal
Rob Centa, LLB 1999
"Litigator extraordinaire"
Rob Centa
Steven Elliott, JD 1995
"The gold standard"
Steven Elliott
John Hannaford, LLB 1993
"Arctic Circle diplomat"
John Hannaford
Rubsun Ho, LLB 1995
"In-house entrepreneur"
Rubsun Ho
Sonia Lawrence, LLB/MSW 1999
"Legal education reformer"
Sonia Lawrence
Marcia Moffat, JD/MBA 1996
"Banker on the rise"
Marcia Moffat
Benjamin Perrin, JD 2005
"Canada's unstoppable hero"
Benjamin Perrin
Rachel Sklar, JD 1998
"CanAm media maven"
Rachel Sklar
Lara Tessaro, LLB 2002
"Planet protector"
Lara Tessaro
Maggie Wente, LLB/MSW 2002
"Community champion"
Maggie Wente
Cornell Wright, JD/MBA 2000
"C-suite adviser"
Cornell Wright,

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