Faculty: High-Resolution Images

This page provides high-resolution images of faculty members (300 dpi), which can be used in print. Images vary in file size and print size, but all will print to at least one inch in height. Images are in JPG or TIF format. Right-click on the faculty member's name to download the full-sized picture.

Photos of some executive staff of the law school are available at the bottom of the page.

Please note that high resolution photographs are not available for all faculty and executive staff, so some are not listed on this page.

High-Resolution Images of Faculty Members
(What the photo looks like)
High-Resolution Version
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Prof. Benjamin AlarieProf. Benjamin Alarie
PNG file - 4.8 MB
Prof. Anita AnandProf. Anita Anand
JPG file - 5.2 MB
Professor Lisa AustinProf. Lisa Austin
JPG file - 1.0 MB
Prof. Peter BensonProf. Peter Benson
JPG file
Prof. Alan BrudnerProf. Alan Brudner
JPG file - 76 KB
Jutta Brunée

Prof. Jutta Brunnée

PNG file - 400 KB

Bruce ChapmanProf. Bruce Chapman
JPG file - 2.5 MB
Professor Rebecca CookProf. Emerita Rebecca Cook
JPG file - 2.0 MB
Professor Brenda CossmanProf. Brenda Cossman
JPG file - 3.0 MB
Professor Yasmin DawoodProf. Yasmin Dawood
TIF file - 1.2 MB
Bernard DickensProf. Emeritus Bernard Dickens
JPG file - 953 KB
Abraham DrassinowerProf. Abraham Drassinower
JPG file - 1.7 MB
Professor Markus DubberProf. Markus Dubber
JPD file - 4.8 MB
Prof. Anthony DugganProf. Emeritus Anthony Duggan
TIF file - 15.8 MB
Prof. David DyzenhausProf. David Dyzenhaus
JPG file - 3.7 MB
Professor Anver EmonProf. Anver Emon
JPG file - 1.9 MB
Professor Christopher EssertProf. Christopher Essert
JPG file - 2.6 MB
Professor Mohammad FadelProf. Mohammad Fadel
JPG file - 1.4 MB
Prof. Angela FernandezProf. Angela Fernandez
TIF file - 16.1 MB
Prof. Andrew GreenProf. Andrew Green
JPG file - 2.21 MB
Professor Gillian HadfieldProf. Gillian Hadfield
JPG file - 3.7 MB
Prof. Ran HirshlProf. Ran Hirschl
JPG file - 4.9 MB
Prof. Ed IacobucciProf. Edward Iacobucci
JPG file - 3.4 MB
Ariel KatzProf. Ariel Katz
JPG file - 1.4 MB
Karen KnopProf. Karen Knop
JPG file - 2.8 MB
Prof. Brian LangilleProf. Brian Langille
TIF file - 14.5 MB
Ian LeeProf. Ian Lee
JPG file - 1.1 MB
Prof. Trudo LemmensProf. Trudo Lemmens
JPG file - 738 KB
Prof. Jeffrey MacIntoshProf. Jeffrey MacIntosh
JPG file - 184 KB
Patrick MacklemProf. Patrick Macklem
JPG file - 1.4 MB
Prof. Audrey MacklinProf. Audrey Macklin
JPG file - 4.9 MB
Dean Mayo MoranProf. Mayo Moran
TIF file - 2.6 MB
Prof. Sophia Reibetanz MoreauProf. Sophia Reibetanz Moreau
JPG file - 1.2 MB
Anthony NiblettProf. Anthony Niblett
JPG file - 512 KB
Prof. Jim PhillipsProf. Jim Phillips
JPG file - 1.4 MB
Prof. Mariana Mota PradoProf. Mariana Mota Prado
JPG file - 1.3 MB
Prof. Margaret Jane RadinProf. Margaret Jane Radin
JPG file - 2.6 MB
Prof. Denise RéaumeProf. Emerita Denise Réaume
TIF file - 2.8 MB
Prof. Arthur RipsteinProf. Arthur Ripstein
JPG file - 312 KB
Prof. Kerry RittichProf. Kerry Rittich
TIF file - 1.7 MB
Prof. Kent RoachProf. Kent Roach
JPG file - 916 KB
Prof. Carol RogersonProf. Emerita Carol Rogerson
JPG file - 1.4 MB
Prof. Douglas SandersonProf. Douglas Sanderson
JPG file - 1.2 MB
Prof. Emily SatterthwaiteProf. Emily Satterthwaite
JPG file - 1 MB
Prof. David SchneidermanProf. David Schneiderman
JPG file - 953 KB
Prof. Ayelet ShacharProf. Ayelet Shachar
JPG file - 2.8 MB
Prof. Martha ShafferProf. Martha Shaffer
PNG file - 847 KB
Richard StaceyProf. Richard Stacey
JPG file - 1.7 MB
Hamish StewartProf. Hamish Stewart
JPG file - 1.2 MB
Anna SuProf. Anna Su
JPG file - 1.3 MB
Prof. Malcolm ThorburnProf. Malcolm Thorburn
JPG file - 939 KB
Prof. Michael TrebilcockProf. Emeritus Michael Trebilcock
JPG file - 3.9 MB
Prof.Prof. Catherine Valcke
JPG file - 4.0 MB
Prof. Stephen WaddamsProf. Stephen Waddams
JPG file - 355 KB
Prof. Arnold WeinribProf. Arnold Weinrib
JPG file - 357 KB
Prof. Ernest WeinribProf. Emeritus Ernest Weinrib
TIF file - 693 KB
Prof. Lorraine WeinribProf. Emerita Lorraine Weinrib
TIF file - 14.2 MB
Prof. Albert YoonProf. Albert Yoon
TIF file - 3.7 MB


Executive Staff

Alexis ArchboldAlexis Archbold
Assistant Dean, JD Program
JPG file - 7.3 MB
Eleonora DimitrovaEleonora Dimitrova
Director, LAWS program
JPG file - 655 KB
Jennifer LancasterJennifer Lancaster
Assistant Dean, Advancement
JPG file - 3.3 MB
Gian MedvesGian Medves
Chief Law Librarian
JPG file - 881 KB
Cheryl MilneCheryl Milne
Executive Director, David Asper Centre for Constitutional Rights 
TIF file - 17.6 MB
Emily OrchardEmily Orchard
Assistant Dean, Graduate Program
JPG file - 1.5 MB