Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Dear law school community,

I am very pleased to let you know about an important new outreach program at the Faculty of Law.

The Black Future Lawyers program (BFL) is a collaboration between the Faculty of Law, our Black Law Students Association, our Black alumni, and other members of the legal profession. BFL’s goals are to increase the number of Black students who attend the Faculty of Law and join the legal profession.

Taking inspiration from the Faculty of Medicine’s successful Black Students Application Process, the Faculty of Law’s BFL will offer a new mentoring and job shadowing program, a lunch series with our Black alumni, invitations to other special events at the law school, and an annual Black Future Lawyers conference.

Starting in 2021, we will launch a new admissions stream for Black students that will offer assistance with the application process and guarantee that our Black applicants’ applications will be read by at least three staff, students, and alumni who identify with the Black community.

For more information about the Faculty of Law’s BFL initiative, please visit the Black Future Lawyers website. Please feel free to forward the link to Black undergraduate students and members of the profession—we are keen to get the word out to potential volunteers and student participants.

We look forward to continuing to update you as our BFL initiative continues to develop. Your questions and input are always welcome and should be directed to Alexis at alexis.archbold@utoronto.ca.


Edward Iacobucci
Dean and James M. Tory Professor of Law
Faculty of Law