Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Summer is the perfect time to relax, unwind, and dive into some captivating books. Whether you're lounging by the pool, enjoying a staycation, or simply looking to read something new, our summer reading list has got you covered.

From historical fictions such as the Jane Austen Society by U of T Law alumnae Natalie Jenner (LLB 1993), to the captivating biography of The Honourable Frank Iacobuccithere is something for everyone. 

Explore our full summer reading list now on Goodreads.

A special thank you to our students, faculty, staff and alumni who submitted recommendations:

  • Alex Byrne (2L)
  • Alexia Loumankis (Reference & Research Librarian)
  • Anna Su (Associate Professor)
  • Benjamin Alarie (JD MA 2002)
  • Brianna Grieff (2L)
  • Carolynn Coburn (LLB 1994)
  • Chantelle Brown-Kent (Student Mental Health and Wellness Program Manager)
  • Daiana Kostova (JD 2021)
  • David Thompson (JD 2007)
  • Devorah Lindsay (Alumni Engagement Officer)
  • Emily-Jane Watson (Assistant Registrar, Records)
  • Fern Karsh (JD 2007)
  • Gian Medves (Chief Law Librarian)
  • Jennifer Brown (Executive Assistant to the CAO)
  • Justin Landry (Special Projects and Events Coordinator)
  • Lindsay McKay (Career Development Advisor)
  • Mariana Prado (Professor; William C. Graham Chair in International Law and Development)
  • Rebecca J. Cook (Professor of Law Emerita)
  • Sako Khederlarian (Manager, Student Services)
  • Zintiat Kolly (3L)