Monday, April 2, 2018
Intramural banners on display in Osler Atrium

At the recent university-wide Intramural Awards Banquet, Faculty of Law students won major awards, making this the best year ever for intramural sports at the law school.

The Faculty of Law was awarded the Stewart-Wodehouse banner and the John Robb banner for participation in co-ed and men's intramural sports respectively. These banners are awarded to the division with the greatest number of points based on participation. This year, more than 20 percent of the student body, about 140 plus, participated in at least two intramural games.

law students holding intramural bannerRobert Marks, VP Intramurals [Co-President for next year], with Intramurals Coordinators Alexis Vaughan and Paul Sahota

Additionally, three law students were awarded Intramural "T" Awards. An Intramural "T" Award is presented to a student in her/his graduating year based on that individual's contribution to the Intramural Program over the course of their degree. A very limited number of Intramural "T" Awards are presented each year to athletes from all faculties and campuses of the University of Toronto. This year's winners from the Faculty of Law are Michelle Holmes, Jennifer Duff, and Alexis Vaughan.

"I participated in intramural sport because it's an activity I really enjoyed throughout my undergraduate degree," said Vaughan. "U of T has one of the biggest intramural programs in North America with an impressive variety of sports offered each year. Intramurals are a great way to get to know my peers away from the classroom, in a fun environment in which teamwork and cooperation are emphasized. The time commitment required to play on an intramural team is not overly onerous. There are between 5-8 one hour games distributed throughout the semester. This time investment is well worth the social and physical benefits that are gained through participation in intramurals."

Michelle Holmes and Alexis Vaughan with their intramurals plaques

Michelle Holmes and Alexis Vaughan

Alexis was also presented with one of the three major individual awards for her contribution to the Intramural Program. The David Breech Award is presented to the University of Toronto coed intramural athlete in his/her graduating year adjudged worthiest in the qualities of leadership, sportsmanship and performance.

Karlota Borges also participated in intramurals. "As a 1L, intramurals were a great way to meet and befriend upper years. This became useful when I had questions or was looking for maps/summaries. But it was also great just to see friends once a week and talk about things outside of classes."