Friday, October 14, 2016

The Honourable Justice Russell J. Otter '70The Honourable Justice Russell J. Otter '70 has become the first Canadian to be selected president of the American Judges Association. The AJA is the largest judges association in the United States, with more than 2,000 members, of whom approximately 15 per cent are Canadians.

Justice Otter became a provincial court judge in July 1993, currently sitting at Scarborough Courts.  He was elected president of the Ontario Conference of Judges in 1999.  From 2002-2015, he served as executive director of the Canadian Association of Provincial Court Judges.  The husband and father of two is also a proud grandfather of five, a marathoner and a long-standing volunteer fitness instructor at the YMCA. 

When asked about his new role, Justice Otter said it is "Quite an honour; it's historic for provincial courts in Canada and state courts in the USA, and recognition we have a lot in common in seeking to do the best job we can.”  Justice Otter added that the AJA’s move to name him president of the Association "…will give Canadian judges greater recognition and profile in the American judiciary."

Congratulations from the Faculty of Law!