Friday, September 18, 2015
a group of international lawyers

By Rommel Salvador, SJD, Director, Internationally Trained Lawyers Program

Snapshots in Time is the new e-magazine of the Faculty of Law’s Internationally Trained Lawyers Program (ITLP). It chronicles the journey to Canada of immigrants who are lawyers in their home countries, and who have come to find a better life and contribute their expertise to the legal profession in Canada. 

Since it's launch in 2010, the ITLP has welcomed more than 600 international lawyers and law graduates from almost 50 countries.

Read the inspirational, remarkable and very personal stories of our ITLP students—every challenge they overcome, and especially every victory they celebrate.

In a time when we are realizing the importance of diversity in the Canadian legal profession, see what the Internationally Trained Lawyers Program at the U of T Faculty of Law is doing to promote that diversity.

Read the e-magazine here.