Tuesday, June 2, 2015

By Neil Jones, LLB 1976

Herbert Dodd

Herb Dodd

Herb Dodd, Q.C., Class of 1976, died May 19, 2015 from complications related to Alzheimer’s disease. He was 65. Herb had an extremely successful 36-year career focusing on banking law, entirely with Farris & Co in Vancouver.  He was named Queen's Counsel in 2008.

Herb loved his years at the University of Toronto law school, and he was one of the top students in our class.  I remember a time early in our first year. He made a particularly astute point in Professor Weinrib’s torts class. Professor Weinrib did a double take, and asked him his name, no doubt intending to call on him from time to time—which I recall that he did, regularly. Herb loved talking and arguing about the law with anyone and everyone. (He had particular respect and admiration for Professors Weinrib and Waddams). I I think I particularly benefited from his superb intelligence and analytical skills. I suspect I learned more from him than I did in class.

I visited him a couple of years ago at his home in Vancouver. His memory for recent events was beginning to fail but he remembered clearly the many people and events from our years at the Faculty of Law. We talked about our times at U of T, and he smiled and laughed often during our conversation.

He leaves his wife, Ruth, his twin daughters Amy and Melissa, his son Jamie and their spouses, and four grandchildren. He will be missed.

The Faculty of Law extends its deepest condolence to the Dodd family, and his friends. Your messages of condolence can be left here.