Friday, June 5, 2020

Lauren Wildgoose

Class of 2020 graduate Lauren Wildgoose previously completed a BA in English Literature from McGill University and chose to study Law at the University of Toronto because of the school's reputation and faculty. 

Why become a lawyer?

I am interested in Indigenous and LGBTQ+ issues, and hope to use my degree to work with those communities.

What are some of the extra- or co-curriculars you were involved in at the Law school?

I was the co-president of Out in Law and a Senior Editor of the Indigenous Law Journal. I was also a caseworker in the employment law division at Downtown Legal Services and competed in the Walsh Family Law Moot.

What are your next steps upon graduation?

I will be clerking at the Superior Court of Justice in Toronto.

What will you remember most about your time at U of T Law?

The supportive community. I am lucky to have met such compassionate and intelligent people at U of T Law.