Wednesday, July 15, 2020
C4eJournal the future of work in the age of automation and AI
Based on an international and interdisciplinary online conference in May 2020, hosted by the University of Toronto's Centre for Ethics, the Future of Work in the Age of Automation and AI symposium explored the implications and complications that automation and AI have introduced into the work-leisure matrix, by considering possible futures of work that have been framed in terms of ideas and proposals such as post-work, the distribution of care-work, and the implementation of a universal basic income.
The forum was published in the Centre for Ethics' online journal, C4eJournal, edited by Faculty of Law Professor Markus  D. Dubber, C4E director. 
The Future of Work in the Age of Automation and AI includes articles by Jeremias Adams-Prassl (Oxford, Law); Aleena Chia (Simon Fraser, Communication); Veena Dubal (UC Hastings, Law); Cynthia Estlund (NYU, Law); Valerio De Stefano (Leuven, Law); and Igor Shoikhedbrod (UofT Centre for Ethics, Politics), along with commentaries by SJD student John Enman-Beech (U of T, Law) and Julian Posada (U of T Faculty of Information) and Igor Shokhedbrod.