Monday, May 28, 2018

Doors Open 2018 - banners

The new Jackman Law Building was part of the annual Doors Open festival for the first time on the weekend of May 26-27, along with the historic Flavelle House. Doors Open is an annual event where notable buildings in Toronto open their doors to the general public, with the visits often enhanced by volunteers, information and programming.

The event was a chance to showcase the law school’s beautiful new building, and the fine heritage elements of the older building attached to it. And the public was very interested – over 1,225 visitors came through the doors over the course of the two days.

Doors Open 2018 visitors

Alex GrenzebachOne of these visitors was Alex Grenzebach (right), who is very interested in Toronto history and heritage, especially in his North Toronto neighbourhood (which, he explained, has a connection to the law school through the school’s other building, Falconer Hall. It was once the residence of Sir Robert Falconer, president of the University of Toronto 1907–1932, who later moved to North Toronto). It was his first time in Flavelle House, and he was very impressed with the painted ceiling and the detailed woodwork in the Fireplace Lounge.

In addition to information panels, displays and slideshows, the Faculty of Law buildings included a “kidz zone” with a scavenger hunt, a coat-of-arms colouring kiosk, and a “dress up as a judge” photo op. But it wasn’t just kids who enjoyed these features – plenty of grownups did as well!

Doors Open 2018 - the kidz zone

Doors Open 2018 volunteerThe Faculty of Law’s dedicated events staff, led by Manager, Events and Facilities, Jennifer Colvin, were assisted by volunteers with Doors Open Toronto. One of these volunteers was Ahmad (right), who had only just arrived from Iran to settle in Canada three weeks before the event, joining his wife and son. He said he volunteered for Doors Open as a way to meet people and get to know the community. He loved the concept because “people pass buildings every day, but they don't realize the treasures within.” It's a way for people to get to know their community and its history, he added.

The Faculty of Law hopes to share its treasures with the public again next year when Doors Open comes around in the last weekend of May 2019.

Doors Open 2018