Tuesday, May 5, 2020

The Centre for Ethics (C4E) at the University of Toronto, led by Faculty of Law Professor Markus D. Dubber, C4E director, is where conversations about ethics happen, sitting at the interface between academic research and public discourse.

Aimed at advancing research and teaching in the field of ethics, broadly defined, C4E is an interdisciplinary centre bringing together the theoretical and practical knowledge of diverse scholars, students, public servants and social leaders in order to increase understanding of the ethical dimensions of individual, social and political life.

The centre has recently launched a series on the Ethics of COVID. Faculty of Law Professors participating in the online event series include Sophia Moreau (May 12) and Trudo Lemmens (May 13).

The Faculty's International Human Rights Program (IHRP) interim director, Petra Molar, participated in an earlier session on how "Borders and Pandemic Surveillance Won't Stop the Coronavirus".

Additional speakers from Canadian and U.S. universities and experts from across U of T are also participating.

Visit the C4E website to learn more about the series

The online events will be live streamed on the Centre for Ethics YouTube Channel. Channel subscribers will receive a notification at the start of the live stream.