Thursday, June 24, 2021

SJD student Florence Ashley

Florence Ashley is a SJD student in the Faculty of Law and Joint Centre for Bioethics (photo Dewey Chang Photography)  

On June 22, the University of Toronto Joint Centre for Bioethics (JCB) celebrated the accomplishments of its members, students, graduates, faculty and ethicists during a virtual JCB Research & Awards Celebration. 

Florence Ashley, a doctoral student (SJD) in the Faculty of Law and the JCB was awarded the Peter Singer Award in Bioethics, for their pioneering project on “Trans Youth at the Intersection of Law and Ethics".

Peter Singer Award in Bioethics supports a graduate student who is currently registered in the Collaborative Specialization in Bioethics at the JCB and is working on their thesis that includes concrete policy recommendations, a protocol to change practice, a social enterprise, etc. Preference is given projects using a solution-oriented approach and to a student of merit.