Monday, July 8, 2019

The dean of the Faculty of Law, Prof. Ed Iacobucci has announced the recipients of our Dean’s Leadership Awards for first year and second year students (1L and 2L students). They are:


  • Novalee Davy
  • Rebecca Barclay Nguinambaye


  • Hiam Kogiashvili-Amar
  • Erika Voaklander 

The Dean’s Leadership Award recognizes the outstanding co- and extra-curricular leadership of 1L and 2L students at the law school. Similar to the University of Toronto’s Cressy awards for graduating students, law's Leadership Awards value both traditional and non-traditional forms of leadership, including:

  • Leadership on U of T Law committees, clubs, organizations, journals and/or student government
  • Leadership related to equity and diversity at the law school and/or in the legal community
  • Encouragement of fellow students to become involved in co-curricular and/or extra-curricular activities
  • Contribution to a sense of community at U of T Law

Said Dean Iacobucci: "I am sure it won’t surprise you to learn that the selection process was quite competitive. We are fortunate to have so many engaged and thoughtful students who care about creating an inclusive and vibrant learning environment."

Our Leadership Award recipients will receive a special certificate recognizing their accomplishments. The Faculty of Law thanks all the those who sent in nominations, and congratulates these winners, and the other nominees, for their outstanding contributions to the law school community.