Friday, June 22, 2018

Dean Edward Iacobucci is delighted to announce that the recipients of the Dean’s Leadership Awards for 1L and 2L students are:

  • Joshua Lokko (1L)
  • Cecile McKenzie (1L)
  • Leslie Anne St Amour (1L)
  • Zachary Biech (2L)
  • David Rybak (2L)
  • Paul Sahota (2L)

The Dean’s Leadership Award recognizes the outstanding co- and extra-curricular leadership of our 1L and 2L students at the law school. Like the University’s Cressy awards for graduating students, our Leadership Awards value both traditional and non-traditional forms of leadership, including:

  • Leadership on U of T Law committees, clubs, organizations, journals and/or student government
  • Leadership related to equity and diversity at the law school and/or in the legal community
  • Encouragement of fellow students to become involved in co-curricular and/or extra-curricular activities
  • Contribution to a sense of community at U of T Law

This year, the selection process was so competitive that the selection committee decided to make an exception and select 3 students from each year. The Faculty of Law is very lucky to have so many engaged and thoughtful students who care about creating an inclusive and vibrant learning environment.