Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Established by the Alnoba Lewis Family Foundation, Christa Big Canoe (LLB 2005) has been named the recipient of the Alnoba Moment of Truth Award.

"In life and in leadership we all face moments of truth. Daring leaders face the fire when things are raging hot, confront the tough issues and take decisive action," said Harriet and Alan E. Lewis, co-founders of the foundation. "Christa's unwavering courage to raise the world's attention to a significant Indigenous and gender equity issue puts her at the forefront of the urgent issue of women's rights, working for justice and long overdue change. We are proud to honor her with this award."

Big Canoe is the legal director at Aboriginal Legal Services in Toronto and an activist passionate about First Nation children and women’s rights and the right to equal access to education and care.

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Many U of T Law students and alumni have worked with Big Canoe through the Faculty's part-time, two-semester clinical education program at ALS. The program gives students the opportunity to explore legal and policy issues concerning Indigenous access to justice in an empirical, public interest context.

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