Thursday, January 14, 2021

The Faculty of Law is pleased to announce and congratulate our outstanding doctoral candidates who successfully defended their SJD thesis in 2020:

Leah West
"Protecting Rights in the Digital Age: The Application of the Charter in Cyberspace"

Megan Ross
"Morality Police: Sexuality Governance at the League of Nations"

Yin-Yuan Chen
"The Law, Policy and Ethics of Migrants' Health Care Entitlement"

Haim Eschel
"The Tortious Liability of States for Combatant Activities"

Ido Katri
"Gender Self-Determination Troubles"

Gregory Bowley
"Private Oppression: An Account of Motive and Purpose in Anglo-Canadian Private Liability"

Fun-fact: Haim Eschel was also the first doctoral student at the University of Toronto to complete his doctoral defense remotely!

Since the summer of 2017, more than a dozen doctoral graduates have gone on to faculty positions across Canada and around the globe: 

  • Haim Abraham, University of Essex
  • Amar Bhatia, Osgoode Hall Law School
  • Gregory Freeman Wayne Bowley, University of New Brunswick
  • Yan Campagnolo, University of Ottawa
  • Yin-Yuan Brandon Chen, University of Ottawa
  • Anna Louisa Flaminio, Ryerson University
  • Ido Hadas Katri, Tel Aviv University
  • Joanna Margaux Langille, Western Law
  • Helene Louise Love, Simon Fraser University’s School of Criminology
  • Tamar Meshel, University of Alberta
  • Jennifer Marie Raso, University of Alberta
  • David S. Sandomierski, Western Law
  • Eden Avraham Sarid, University of Essex
  • Jacob Jordan Shelley, Western Law
  • Terry Skolnik, University of Ottawa
  • Regine Tremblay, Peter A. Allard School of Law - University of British Columbia
  • Leah Ruth West, Carleton University

Congratulations to our SJDs!