Tuesday, October 9, 2018
2018 fall feast food table

It was a full house at the annual Fall Feast, September 28th, hosted by the Indigenous Law Students' Association (ILSA). ILSA has been hosting the Fall Feast for many years, and there is evidence of its occurring as far back as the 1980s. This year’s event featured a long table of goodies, including 3 sisters stew, made with corn, bean and squash, and turkey stew, to name a few traditional items. In addition, the event opened with teachings from Elder Bob Philips, toe-tapping music and lots of laughter and discussion among the many guests.

Students listening to Elder Bob Philips at Fall Feast

ILSA hosts a Fall Feast for a variety of reasons: to bring together the law school community to celebrate the change of season, growing interest in hearing from an Elder about the importance of feasting in many Indigenous cultures, and encouraging students and staff to engage Indigenous programming throughout the year.

Orange Shirt Day

This year’s event also coincided closely with ‘Orange Shirt Day’ (September 30th) which has become an opportunity to keep the discussion of residential schools ongoing and to remember those who suffered from the residential schools system. Many staff and students participated.

Fall Feast fare