Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Startup Blue J Legal and its CEO, Prof. Benjamin Alarie, are profiled in a U of T Magazine article, "Helping Machine-Learning Startups Succeed" (Winter 2017). Launched in 2014 by Profs. Benjamin Alarie, Anthony Niblett and Albert Yoon, with veteran software engineer Brett Jansen, Blue J Legal has created sophisticated AI software that provides lawyers and judges with guidance on resolving tax disputes.

According to Benjamin Alarie, Blue J’s CEO and a U of T law professor, the company’s technology can dramatically increase access to legal advice for consumers by lowering its cost. The software will also reduce the number of disputes that go to trial. “There are cases where litigants are wasting a lot of time and emotional energy fighting,” he says. “Our system could lead to settlements of easy cases.”

Read the full article on the U of T Magazine website.