Friday, December 2, 2016

Constitutional Forum constitutionel e-journalThe David Asper Centre for Constitutional Rights is pleased to announce a new issue of Constitutional Forum constitutionel e-journal on "The State of Canada's Constitutional Democracy." This special issue of the Forum is a compilation of articles presented at a symposium held at the University of Toronto in February 2016 with the same title.

The symposium was organized by Cheryl Milne (Asper Centre for Constitutional Rights) and Professor Lorraine Weinrib (University of Toronto), and they were later joined by Patricia Paradis (Centre for Constitutional Studies, University of Alberta). Its purpose was to examine the extent to which current Canadian governance is complying with modern constitutional principles.

It is the organizers’ hope that the publication of these conference proceedings will broaden and deepen our understanding of the reform projects that lie ahead discussed at the “State of Canada’s Constitutional Democracy” symposium.

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